reading list – books already in my possession

  • Borges. Selected Poems
  • Priest. An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic
  • Teach Yourself. Complete Icelandic
  • Follett. German-English dictionary
  • Borges. Collected Fictions
  • Woodall. The Man in the Mirror of the Book: A life of Jorge Luis Borges
  • Borges. Selected Non-fictions
  • Flesch. The Art of Readable Writing
  • Harvard Classics. Plutarch’s Lives
  • Gordon. An Introduction to Old Norse
  • Borges. Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature
  • Dixson. Essential Idioms in English
  • Suetonius. Lives of the Caesars
  • Bantam dual-language. German Stories :: Deutsche Novellen
  • White. The Book of Merlyn
  • Salinger. Franny and Zooey
  • Casares. The Invention of Morel
  • Friess. Non-Christian Religions A – Z
  • Rilke. Rilke’s Book of Hours
  • Bellairs. The Face in the Frost
  • Harvard Classics. Plato • Epictetus • Marucus Aurelius

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