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sometimes it’s not about the cat

padilla – “true heroism shows itself spontaneously somewhere in the space between courage and absurdity.” That’s such a good space. When you want to say something or do something that’s bubbling up from the strange and secret depths of who you are, but you’re not sure if it will be a social failure or a communicative flop. You’re afraid your… (more…)

a trap door in the sand

I like how language is a very basic kind of set theory. Whenever a word is said or heard, read or written, a circle is drawn in our consciousness. A word is a circle that knows what is inside it-and everything else in the universe is outside. The stuff inside is, in a way, the complete definition of the word.… (more…)

like snowflakes in museums

The words we use aren’t really real. They’re a tool, they’re a construct. They’re like objects we hand back and forth to each other to put pictures in each other’s head. Words aren’t the bottom layer of language-the pictures and thoughts in your head are. Words themselves are a couple of floors up. How hard is it to hold a… (more…)