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Read another Borges interview.

books to buy

Borges & Vazquez. Medieval Germanic Literatures (literaturas germanicas medievales) Borges. The Last Interview Padilla, Ignacio. Antipodes: Stories Tacitus. Germania  

biographies to study

padilla borges lewis macdonald chesterton wynne jones bellairs tolkien pratchett

the witness

In a stable that stands almost in the shadow of the new stone church, a man with gray eyes and gray beard, lying amid the odor of the animals, humbly tries to will himself into death, much as a man might will himself to sleep. The day, obedient to vast and secret laws, slowly shifts about and mingles the shadows… (more…)

reading list – books already in my possession

Borges. Selected Poems Priest. An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic Teach Yourself. Complete Icelandic Follett. German-English dictionary Borges. Collected Fictions Woodall. The Man in the Mirror of the Book: A life of Jorge Luis Borges Borges. Selected Non-fictions Flesch. The Art of Readable Writing Harvard Classics. Plutarch’s Lives Gordon. An Introduction to Old Norse Borges. Professor Borges: A Course on English… (more…)