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the Celts

Borges, selected non-fictions, p. 458 – 463 the concept of an academy and the celts In no other part of the world has literary life been organized in such a rigorous manner as among the Celtic nations, which I shall attempt to prove, or more exactly, recall. I spoke of the literature of the Celts: the term is vague. They… (more…)

history of Old Norse

Gordon: The home of the oldest Norse culture and the oldest Norse traditions was Sweden, though these traditions had to be carried to distant Iceland before they were given an enduring form…From the beginning of history energetic warlike tribes issued from Sweden and passed to a career of conquest in the south; in the phrase kid the Gothic historian Jordanes,… (more…)

literature of early medieval europe – fragments

“In every instance, poetry comes before prose. It seems that man sings before he speaks. But there are other very important reasons for this.” A verse follows a pattern and becomes a formula. Prose is shapeless and messy, much more complicated, in a way. (p4) In Germanic verse, lines run together without breaks or punctuation. The key to finding structure… (more…)

history of early medieval europe – fragments

A.D. 449 – Rome falls and its legions withdraw from Britain.”This was an extremely important event because the country was left withouth the defenses it had counted on and was vulnerable to attacks by the Picts from the north and the Saxons from the east.” (Professor Borges, p1) “English literature starts to develop at the end of the 7th or… (more…)

borges interviews

Paris Review, “Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Fiction No. 39” BORGES Ah, that’s right. Because if you ask me questions about the younger contemporary writers, I’m afraid I know very little about them. For about the last seven years I’ve been doing my best to know something of Old English and Old Norse. Consequently, that’s a long way off… (more…)

the witness

In a stable that stands almost in the shadow of the new stone church, a man with gray eyes and gray beard, lying amid the odor of the animals, humbly tries to will himself into death, much as a man might will himself to sleep. The day, obedient to vast and secret laws, slowly shifts about and mingles the shadows… (more…)

Hengist wants men, A.D. 449

Hengist wants men. They will rally from the edges of sand which dissolve into broad seas, from huts filled with smoke, from threadbare landscapes, from deep forests haunted by wolves, in whose vague centre Evil lurks. The ploughmen will abandon the plough and the fisher- men their nets. They will leave their wives and their children, for a man knows… (more…)